HELD JUNE 24, 2020

Due  to  the  COVID19  pandemic,  the  regular  monthly  meeting  of  the  Board  of Directors of
the No1ihwest Lakewood  Sanitation District and the Board of Directors of its  Wastewater  Utility  
Enterprise  (collectively  refened  to  hereafter  as "Board") was convened,  by telephone
conference  call on Wednesday,  June 24, 2020, at 4:00
P.M.  The call-in information was listed in the meeting notice posted by the District and the
public was able to attend the meeting by telephone, if they so desired.

ATTENDANCE               Directors In  Attendance Were:
Anthony M. Dursey Greg Fabisiak
CiCi Kesler
Jim Zimmerman

Following discussion, upon motion duly made by Director Zimmerman, seconded by Director   Kesler,  
and  upon  vote,  unanimously   can-ied,  the  absence  of  Director Davenport was excused.

Also In  Attendance Were:
Steve Beck; Special District Management Services, Inc. Tim Flynn, Esq.; Collins, Cockrel & Cole,
Bill Willis; Martin/Martin  Consulting Engineers Wayne Ramey; Ramey Environmental  Compliance Walt
Frankland; the District's website consultant

ADMINISTRATIVE      Minutes: The Board reviewed the minutes of the May 27, 2020, Regular Meeting.
Following discussion, upon motion duly made by Director Zimmerman, seconded by Director  Fabisiak,
and upon vote, unanimously  carried,  the minutes  of the May  27, 2020 Regular Meeting were
approved, as presented.


existing  Executive  Orders from  the Governor.  This discussion  will  be continued  at the July
meeting pending any changes in the status of the Executive  Orders and the COVID-19 outbreak.


Operations  Monthly  Report: Mr. Ramey reviewed the monthly report (May 1-31) with the Board.   A
copy of the report is attached  hereto and incorporated  herein by this reference.

Engineer's  Report:  Mr.  Willis reviewed  with the Board  the report  dated  June 10, 2020  and  
the  2019  CIP.  A  copy  of  the  report  is attached  hereto  and  incorporated herein by this

Pay  Application  No.  5  and  Change  Order  #4  from  lnsituform  Technologies, LLC, for the 2019
Sanitary  Sewer Improvements,  in the amount of $12,605.55: Mr. Willis discussed the Pay App #5 and
Change Order #4 and it was noted that Pay Application No. 5, from Insituform Technologies, LLC, for
the 2019 Sanitary Sewer Improvements, in the amount of $12,605.55  was approved with the claims,
based on the engineer's  recommendation. The Final  Payment  of  Retainage  was discussed  in the
amount of $64,770.21. This is being adve1iised for any outstanding claims. After the two (2) week
period Mr. Willis will advise Mr. Beck if the payment can be signed and released.

Following  discussion,  upon  motion  duly  made  by  Director  Kesler,  seconded  by Director
Zimmerman and, upon vote, unanimously carried, the Board approved Pay App #5 and Change Order #4
and also approved  the payment of retainage  pending the advertising for final payment.



Website  Upgrade:   Mr. Frankland  reported  on the status of the District's  website updates and

There being no further  business to come before the Board at this time, upon motion duly  made  by  
Director  Kesler,  seconded   by  Director  Fabisiak  and,  upon  vote, unanimously carried, the
meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

By                                                                           Secretary for the Meeting


behalf  of  the  District  for  the  construction  of  the  bridge  on  the  Amanda  Weaver

Update  on  930  Alkire  Street  Easement:  Attorney  Flynn  reported  that  he  is  in contact
with Mr. Willbanks and is continuing to work on obtaining a signed easement and has told Mr.
Willbanks that a new connection to the system for the undeveloped property will not be granted
until the easement is obtained. The property in question is in a trust  with at least four  
beneficiaries  with Mr. Tim  Willbanks  and  Mr. Chris Willbanks  as Trustees.   At the  present  
time, the Trustees  and  the beneficiaries  are having a dispute which is precluding the Trust from
granting the District an easement. The Trust  has  been  notified  that  if the  vacant  property  
is sold, service  will  not  be granted  to the property  until the proper easement  has been
obtained  and a manhole installed  so  that  the  pipe  in  the  District's  sewer  line  can  be  
removed.  Mr.  Chris Willbanks  has stated  verbally  that he will allow the District access over
and across his prope1iy for the purpose of installing the new manhole if the terms and provisions
of that access are set forth in a simple letter agreement.   A quote of $19,800.00  has been
received  from T. Lowell Contracting  to construct  the manhole over the sewer line.

Following  discussion,  upon  motion  duly  made  by  Director  Kesler,  seconded  by Director  
Zimmerman,  the Board authorized  legal  counsel  to prepare a access letter and  send  it to the
Trustees.   The access  letter,  in addition  to providing  the  District access for the purpose
installing the manhole, will advise the Trustees that service to the property will not be granted  
until an appropriate easement has been granted and recorded  and the new manhole installed so that
the obstruction in the District sewer line  can  be  removed.    Upon  vote,  unanimously  carried,
 the  Board  approved  the construction  of the new manhole  and authorized  Attorney  Flynn to
send a letter to the Willbanks Trust and Trustees.

Third   Restated   and   Amended   Sewer   Service   Agreement   with   Applewood Sanitation
District:  Attorney Flynn reported to the Board that there were no updates or contact with the
Applewood  Sanitation District on the agreement changes. He and Director Zimmerman will contact the
Applewood  Board  to schedule a new meeting to discuss the contract changes.

Roybal Claim For Damages: Attorney Flynn reported that the claim has been denied and there are no
new updates from the claimant.

2100 Youngfield development easement: Attorney Flynn reported that the granting of the easement by
the developer has not been completed and will be continued until the July meeting.

Memorandum   for  the  Certification  of  Delinquent  Accounts:  Attorney  Flynn discussed the
current status of the handling of delinquent accounts as affected by the

Welcome to 

‚ÄčNorthwest Lakewood Sanitation District

Call 811 before you dig

Call 811 and the district before any construction on your main service line. (303) 987-0835


PUBLIC                            There were no public comments.



Claims: Mr. Beck reported to the Board that the claims statement  included  the Pay Application  
No.  5,  Change  Order  #4  and  the  Final  Payment  of  Retainage  from Insituform   that   will  
 be  discussed   during   the   Engineering   Report.   The   Board considered  approval  and  
ratification  of  the  payment  of  claims  through  the  period ending June 24, 2020, as follows:

General Fund Enterprise Fund Total

$      11,266.45
$    105,756.90
$    117.023.35

Following  discussion,  upon  motion  duly  made  by  Director  Fabisiak,  seconded  by Director  
Zimmerman  and, upon vote, unanimously  carried, the Board approved  the payment of claims and Pay
Application #5 and Change Order #4 for the period ending June  24,  2020,  as  presented.  The  
Board  approved  the  payment  of  the  Retainage pending the filing of any claims upon advertising
for final payment. Mr. Willis will authorize the signature and release of the payment for Retainage
once the advertising period has ended.

Unaudited  Financial  Statement: Mr. Beck reviewed  with the Board the unaudited financial  
statements of the District setting forth the cash deposits,  investments,  and budget analysis,
accounts payable vouchers for the period ending May 31, 2020, the schedule of cash position dated
May 31, 2020, and the Accounts Receivable reports on collections of fees, the past due accounts and
collection efforts.

Following  discussion,  upon  motion  duly  made  by  Director  Kesler,  seconded  by Director  
Fabisiak,  and,  upon  vote,  unanimously  carried,  the  Board  accepted  the unaudited   
financial   statements   of  the  District   setting   forth   the  cash   deposits, investments,  
budget  analysis,  accounts  payable  vouchers  and  accounts  receivables reports for the period
ending May 31, 2020, and the schedule of cash position dated May 31, 2020, as presented.

LEGAL MATTERS        Update  on  the  drainage  crossing  for  the  Amanda  Weaver  property:  
Attorney Flynn  reported  that  the  Westridge  portion  of  the  project  has  been  completed.  
Mr. Willis reported that the Addendum has been signed for the contract in the amount of
$37,900.00, and needs a Board signature.

Following  discussion,  upon  motion  duly  made  by  Director  Kesler,  seconded  by Director
Zimmerman, and, upon vote, unanimously carried, the Board authorized Mr. Beck as District Manager
to sign the Addendum to the Levi Contracting  contact on